Formed in Britain in 1953, the BSAC is the world’s most traditional and prestigious diving club with a history of more than 50 years.

  • About BSAC

    In 1953, a scuba diving club was established in London by gentlemen with a love for the sea. Although the club was established right after scuba diving equipment became commercially available, it attracted many enthusiasts who shared longing and interest for the sea. The club was named “the British Sub-Aqua Club,” a name with the word “British” in it. The principle of the club was to “promote underwater exploration, scientific and sports activities, while ensuring safety for such activities.” The Duke of Edinburgh, who had sympathy with the principle, acted as the club’s first President. Subsequently, the Prince of Wales took over the presidency from his father, which made the BSAC known as a club with strong connection to the British Royal Family. The BSAC established a safety-sensitive diver training system, transforming itself into a worldwide club with headquarters in Britain and branches in more than 86 countries, and in areas such as the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula, the Red Sea, Africa, the Caribbean and the Asia-Pacific region. The Prince of Wales has been engaged in the club as President Emeritus, committing himself to environmental preservation activities.

    The BSAC is not simply a diver training institution, but a global-scale diving club with tradition and prestige. In 1987, BSAC Japan was established. Observing the principle developed when the BSAC was established in Britain, BSAC Japan supports a wide variety of underwater activities, such as diving training.

  • To whom it may concern

    As of April 2006,BSAC JAPAN has changed the names of its NOVICE ? and NOVICE ? courses to Ocean Diver and Ocean Diver Plus,respectively. In conjunction with this,the design of the C-card has also been renewed.

    You will be receiving customers with a new-design C-card at your diving center.Please be sure to provide them with the appropriate diving training.The content of the training for each level is as follows.
    If you have any questions,Please do not hesitate to contact BSAC JAPAN.

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